Continuous actions and postponement of tasks. Psychologists describe such human behaviors as a way of coping with the anxiety of starting, completing, or making decisions about a job. In the case of an individual, stresing or postponing may result in a feeling of guilt, a risk of losing production, a crisis of creation, and disapproval of others because they do not fulfill their responsibilities. Thus, the triggering of these emotions will also lead to future procrastination. (I am sick of human concerns)

To postpone it until a certain time or to start a job is a situation that we all live in. But it is said that chronicization can be a psychological disorder. And if you do not have something to do with it, you have the stress of having something to do. It is also an “abstract” humanity, a societal disease, that has been left out of work or has just been left over from an intense work schedule. It is entirely due to the fact that the social production band is a piece of the chain. Do not worry, it can be done over time.

There are also Taskmania Disorder. They leave the place where they stop, leave the questions unanswered, their minds are always blurred, and they are busy listing their next day’s tasks. You can also make them happy by treating some human plants. The Rams are constantly down because of the task, you often do not understand what you say. They are constantly worried. They will think tomorrow, what happened yesterday, possible effects of what happened yesterday. They are systematic, never coming out of their safe area.