HyperPresence is an interactive video installation, which is designed as a single user experience. User’s reactions are fed to the system via EEG device, which alters the flow of the video, thus protagonizes the user while creating customized videos (with a finite number of possible videos) for each user.

Visit the site to have more details and dataviz of the project: kocosman.com/index.php?/projects/hyperprescence/

Besides the installation, the concept of the installation is analysed in detail in the paper “HyperPresence: Telepresence via Quantum Cinema”, which will be presented in ISEA 2011.

Exhibited at !f International Independent Film Festival .

Concept: Fethi Can Tüzel & Osman Koç
Hardware & Software: Osman Koç
Project Manager: Elif Demirci & Erdem Dilbaz
Director: Ali Demirel (Dirty Cheap Creative)
D.O.P: Dinçer Oruçoğlu (Dirty Cheap Creative)
Documentation: Cansu Turan
Graphic Design: Burak Birinci

In collaboration between NERDWORKING & Dirty Cheap Creative & !f Istanbul & Dükkan-ül Hayal & Salt Beyoğlu

Special Thanks to Beyazıt Özpeynirci, Gamze Baykal, Burak Birinci, Rüya Ögü