Panic at Freshtival!  Invader aliens are stealing beers of the audience, so you’ll need to rescue them. Go to playing area and wave to play!

Aliens Stole My Beer! has created to channelize the meaningless power of audience shouting back at festivals. The game that we developed is a contemporized version of a classic “shoot’em up” games. We used infrared depth camera to design natural interface and so, the player can move the character with body movement. Also with the adaptation of sound control, the player can shoot and destroy the aliens by using headset microphone.

Over 400 people played the game in 10 hours at Miller Freshtival and most of them get crazy and happy!

Natural Interface: SigmaRD (
Game Development: SigmaRD & Code Island
Project Management: Erdem Dilbaz
Concept Development: Elif Demirci
Visual Artist: Ant Sengelli
Sound Designer: Görkem Şen
Game Programming: Berkay Kaya
Nartural Interface Programming: Eray Berger, Cem Keskin