Nigel Stanford! A great New Zealander musician is on the bomb project after Cymatics. The production with the Kuka robots is a great example of technology and artistic relations. I have asked him a number of questions as his every project, and this time you can listen to his voice in his answers.

How did you feel about working with Kuka robots? What was the challenges of the project?

Did you use any special software or did you get any education from Kuka engineers about how to use the robots?

What was the limitations in the process? What would you like to do more, i mean your inspirations out of this process?

What do you think about latest developments on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? Are you scared or positive about the future of technology?

The video is ending with a little bit chaotic moments and i guess somehow the system is hacked by you? Cos as far as i know we see your logo on the screen of hacked robots?

I guess you like cinematic effects on your work. The end of the video, both Cymatics and this work is very powerful, dramatic. Is it your choice of music or choice of visuals?