BUBİ KADIKÖY, opened as a networking space for freelancer (artists, designers, engineers, academicians, coders.. etc) for Buluş Biliş Art/Science/Nature Association.

This space was open in between 2013 December to 2014 July and organised meeting on music, photography, mathematics, academics, theatre and several topics to create a collective network. We invited professionals and students working on art, science and nature fields for our collective projects.  Our structure based on local culture and collaborative working with Social Society Institutions that care about social consciousness. Our projects emphasises creativity of art, methods of science and sustainability of nature.

It was a personal sociology research, for more info soon there will be an article about it online.


Stephen Voss
Professor of Philosophy, Boğaziçi University

Besim Dellaloğlu
Professor of Sociology, Anadolu University

Ekmel Ertan
Head of Amber Technology Platform

AI Meetings
Bager Akbay, Osman Koç 

SCI-FI Meetings
Fantasy & Sci-fi Community, FABİSAD